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Posted by Ted
Exterminator Bedbugs
Please pray the bedbug issue is treated once and for all today at our home. A homeless young man we opened our home to, probably brought them in from his parents' homes. Please pray for me about this situation, its costly and I have some resentment over all this towards him. Pray for this situation, pray for me to be forgiving. thanks, ted.
Posted by Ted
Tyler Benefits
Please remember Tyler spiritually but for his most immediate needs of rent, food and boarding. Please pray he is eligible to receive a disability income. He has worked many jobs in the last 5 years but is unable to stay with them because of his emotional health (schizophrenia, manic depression). Thank you, grateful dad, ted.
Posted by Steve L
Office politics
I may have overstepped my authority in the office where I work. I ask for favor from the person that I may have offended. That they know it was not a black & white decision that I had to make. In Jesus name. Ty.
Posted by John R
Please pray for me in respect of a difficult business issue. Please pray that the Lord will show me the path I should take.
Posted by Denise
Please pray that I get a good job really soon. I have been trying and pray that it all comes together soon, I need it.
Posted by Maria Miller
Holy Psalm91 Kathryn Miller
Holy Psalm24 Holy Future Kathryn Millerin HolyJesusname Holy amenHoly Psalm91 names I have had Cindy Lee when was bornadopted 6wks Kathryn Maria Miller, Kate2to15 by Marlee Whiting teacherdog schoool , short time shelterKat break evil cures offnames &God Loving will ideas in HolyJesusname Holy amen
Posted by Anon
Please pray
Jesus said to forgive and to pray for your enemies. I want to lift mine up to the Lord! I am humbly asking you to please pray for DM, SS, JLM, TO and all of the HR team. May the Lord open their eyes, soften their hearts and break their stubborn will. May they seek the Lord in all they do and may God Bless them. In Jesus' Name, Amen!
Holy Psalm91 KMM safety
HOLY Psalm91 HolyHappynessKathryn MIller mnHoly keys ideas unlocking Holy Money Holy covenant Horse or'sand Holy Happy safe Home and loved one&pets thankful no prejust is getting in the way hexxesof from people&holyhebrews11:3 in HolyJesusname Holy amen Holy answered prayersHoly help me as a kid of the King Revelation19:16 Holy psalm2 and others who getting devine blessingsin HolyJesusname Holy amen Praying for others doesnot takeaway from Kathryn miller me in HolyJesus nameHoly amen
Posted by J L
My family
Please pray for us to be free from anxiety & to have better health. Thanks for praying in Jesus name.
Posted by T L
Praise God!
My friend, Summer has been in Teen Challenge now for her drug rehab for about 4 months. She is doing amazing things for God! She is whole new person and has accepted Jesus as her Savior. Thank you Lord!
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