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Posted by Pray for Dianne
Pray bro. Ex remorseful
Please Pray my Brother Ex Wife will be remorseful for being so mean to me and my mom. Pray she will admit it was her fault to my Nephews, about my Brother and her break up. Pray she admits she was jealous of my Mom and I and that is why the big lies. Pray she admits we were very good to her. How she was going 2 leave my brother at the altar, but married him because her father paid 4 the wedding and she said she didn't want him 2 cut her out of his Will. She ended up with everything. Amen
Posted by Pray for Dianne
Pray I find a solution pain off c/c
Pray I find a solution to pay off credit card debt please. Amen
Posted by Pray for Dianne
Pray Grandchildren C Mom&I ❤ them
Please Pray all 3 of my Grandchildren will see My Mom and I are the best Grandma's and we do for them for live. We are also poorer than my daughters biological father and his mother. Pray they will see we try harder and do alot from our hearts to them, and for my Daughter and Son-in-law too. Amen
Posted by Pray for Dianne
Prayer Grandson have safe trip
Pray my Grandson will have a safe flight & trip were he grew up in as a young child. Pray he definitely come home 2 his parents & sister & brother & me his Grandma & his Nana. Keep him safe. Please Pray 4 him not 2 listen 2 my daughter, dead beat dad , who will try to talk my Grandson into staying, even though he doesn't mean a word he says, & doesn't keep promises either. My daughter is worried about her father will try to talk him into staying. Not happening please. Amen
Posted by Marie
Praise Report
Thanks to all who prayed. My son's ankle is not broken, just a bad sprain!
Posted by Frank Rinaldi
Prayer for healing for his heart procedure today at 11 am. This is his third time for this procedure. Greg is a devoted follower of Christ. Thank you Frank
Posted by Kris L.
Master's degree
Lord JESUS praise your name because their is power in your name. Thank you for the peace amidst turmoil. Thank you that I gain strength and courage from you. I hope that I will be able to finish my master's degree and not one of the dropout statistic. Help me to bloom where you planted me. Thank you in advance that you will let me finish my master's degree with flying colors. To all be the glory and honor in your name JESUS. Amen.
Posted by Kris L.
Credit card application
If you will LORD GOD Help me to grant my credit card application Lord so I will be able to start my business like buying a domain for wordpress. I need to make own domain name now LORD. So I can start my business as a coder. Thank you LORD for granting my request. Thank you LORD. amen
Posted by Kris L.
Lord pls help me to excell in what I am doing as a Web Developer. Help me to gain all the necessary skills that I need to learn and be more productive as much as I can. Help me to utilize all my skills and make it something for me to earn a profit. Only for your glory Lord. Thank you for your favor over my life. I pray in JESUS name. AMEN
Posted by Mary Conway
Buddy (Cat)
Please pray for my Cat, Buddy. He is congested and is having a hard time breathing. He is suffering from allergies. Pray that God will heal him and that he will be able to breathe better.
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