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Posted by N
Healing from cancer
Please pray for Turhan, Robin and Steve, Kat and Tom, Bonnie's son and husband, Hannah's husband and all who suffer from cancer. Please pray for a cure and strength and support for the family and friends who love and support them. Thank you for your prayers.
Posted by N
Healing and recovery
Please pray that God removes all barriers and delays in this long cancer recovery process. Thank you for your prayers.
Posted by J L
Better health
Please pray for Lillian's health. She wants a touch from God in her body. Thanks for praying in Jesus name.
Posted by J L
Rita's healing
Please pray for Rita, she has a UTI & confusion. Pray for her healing. Thanks for praying in Jesus name.
Posted by Canadian Lady
Pray Dau feel better & work 1 job
Urgent Pray my Daughter feel better. She has 2 work at a bank today. Pray she will have good customers, & she will come home early. Pray she gets some rest. She goes too much, and she needs to take it easy. God help her & look after her. Pray her husband will pay more of the bills & not spend the money & give my daughter after 20 yrs. married & together, more control of the finances. MY daughter is a saver & spends well. My son-in-law is wonderful but spends a lot. Prayers 4 them. Amen
Posted by Canadian Lady
Pray Mom handle Change&will be good
Mom accept change and be happy. Pray my Mom will accept the fact she will be moving in with my fiancÚ and I. Pray she will have her privacy, and no one will see her change or have a shower. Pray she will be fine, & she will know she can trust my fiancÚ & be safe in the house we pick out to rent. Pray she will be happy in a town I use to go to school in when I was a girl. Pray she will be happy God, and look forward to my fiance & I getting married. Pray my family & my fiancÚ will be close. Amen
Posted by Canadian Lady
Bro Needs God 2 bring him happiness
Pray my oldest brother will stay close to my fiancÚ & he will still be in our Wedding. Pray he will be more attentive with our Mom. Dad has given his wife a fortune of money over the yrs. Pray my brother will quit worrying if my Dad gives me anything. Pray my bro will finally admit I am a wonderful sister & our Mom is wonderful 2. Pray he makes up with Dad & his wife will move in with her boyfriend & my brother will finally let her go & he finds someone he doesn't have 2 buy to love him. Amen
Posted by Canadian Lady
Mom have fun&safe&healthy day
Pray my Mom has a wonderful time with her friend today for lunch. Pray my Mom will relax and feel real good when she goes out. Amen
Posted by Canadian Lady
Desperate Need of Money Miracle
In Desperate need of money. Prayers I will be blessed with a miracle from God. I am so worried. Amen
Posted by Samuel W
Fighting for God's will on Earth
Lord administrate the world situation from the throne for the move of the great wheel of His economy, to bless the nations of United States and Canada for the sake of His purpose, and to preserve the people and the land for His own will. Lord give Godly fear and wisdom to those in high positions of government so that the saints can lead a life in relative peace and tranquility in order to carry out God's desire to save men and to release the truth (Ezra 6:10; Jer. 29:7; 1 Tim. 2:2).
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